Archco 453

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Two-Part Epoxy for Industrial Storage and Process Tanks and Pipelines

Tank floor protected by high gloss liner Archco 453. 20-30 mils (0.50 - 0.76 mm) thickness DFT, if applied in a two coat system. Does not require baking to cure. 2 part epoxy liner for industrial storage tanks. Excellent chemical resistance under ambient cure conditions. Exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and solvents.

Uses and Applications

Corrosion protection for industrial storage and process chemical tanks and pipelines, high pressure crude oil pipes and separation tanks. Also used as a protective coating for highly corrosive environments. Provides exceptional resistance over a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

Tank liner Archco 453 has excellent chemical resistance.   Tank liner Archco 453 has excellent temperature resistance.   Industrial tank liner provides corrosion protection.