SeaShield Series 90

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Timber Pile Protection System

Denso SeaShield Series 90 protects timber piles. SeaShield Series 90 System provides timber pile protection against marine borer destruction and deterioration due to weathering. Airflow and Pressure control at your fingertips. Proven over 80 years of history of sealing out oxygen with Denso Petrolatum Tape.

Uses and Applications

The Series 90 System can accommodate hour-glassed piles, posting, bracing and other timber support members. This system is easily installed and does not require any special or expensive equipment.

Denso SeaShield Series 90 protects piles from marine borers.   Denso SeaShield Series 90 is easy to install.   Applying Denso Marine Tape to the timber pile as part of SeaShield Series 90 system.