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Custom Fabricated Fabric Jackets

Fab-Forms protecting deteriorating pilings. SeaShield Fab-Form is a nylon fabric form jacket that provides a quick and economical solution to repair deteriorated pilings. Denso Fab-Forms strengthen and extending the life of piles. The Fab-Form jacket is designed for concrete encasement to strengthen and extend the life span of timber, concrete and steel piles.

Uses and Applications

The Fab-Form Jackets can be manufactured in 1' to 50' long sections. The jackets are provided with a zipper closure system, constructed of brass teeth on nylon cotton tape. All seams are folded and double needle stitched. The concrete grout shall be specified by the owner or engineer.

Fab-Forms encasing jetty piles.   Timber piles protected by Fab-Forms.   Concrete piles protected by Fab-Forms.