Protal 600 CTE

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High Build Coal Tar Epoxy

Protal 600 Coal Tar Epoxy does not require primer. Excellent resistance to water, seawater, wastewater, alkaline water and acidic water. High build up to 26 mils WFT (660 microns) in one coat. High build coal tar epoxy in one coat – Protal 600 CTE. Exceeds Corp of Engineers C-200, C200a and AWWA C-210 for exterior. Can be brush or spray applied.

Uses and Applications

For long-term corrosion protection of steel and concrete substrates against water, wastewater, seawater, alkaline water and acidic water corrosion. Designed to coat steel piles, sheet piles, lock gates, reservoirs, non-potable water pipelines, treatment / storage tanks, bridges and many other aggressive industrial applications.

Mixing Protal 600 CTE for coal tar epoxy application to concrete.   High build coal tar being sprayed applied on steel sheet piles.   Steel sheet pile protected from corrosion with Protal 600 CTE.