Denso Covercoat™ System

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Protective Encasement System
for Column Bases

Steel columns protected from salt and chemical corrosion. Steel column bases protected from water, salts and chemical corrosion with the Denso Covercoat System. Denso Covercoat protects structural steel from rust. Denso Covercoat can provide up to 20 years+ of maintenance free protection.

Uses and Applications

The Denso Covercoat System is designed to provide corrosion prevention cover system for steel & concrete columns, support legs, structural steel and more. Covercoat offers a hard-wearing waterproofing protective coating that is easy to apply with minimal surface preparation required for long-lasting corrosion protection.

Concrete Pile base with corrosion prevention encasement system.   Structural steel with corrosion protection Denso Covercoat System.   Column base with a protective encasement system call Denso Covercoat.